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1. What are the limits for radioactivity at your disposal facility?

a. Lotus, LLC has no limit on radioactivity because of it's unique disposal methods utilizing salt caverns, which are placed there for eternal entombment below all aquifers. This allows concentration of wastes as opposed to the industry tried but failed method "Dilution will be our solution". Operators frequently find that once concentrations exceed the exemption criteria, management of waste is best done by concentrating the volume. Lotus, LLC does not add disposal cost for higher activity like landfills do. Contact a Lotus representative today to manage your waste and cut your costs.

4. Who regulates Lotus, LLC?

a. Lotus is currently regulated by the Railroad Commission of Texas for pit and injection operations, and the Texas Department of State Health Services for activities relating to storing and decontaminating NORM contaminated equipment. Feel free to view the entire Lotus, LLC permit packet in the "resources" section under the Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).

7. Can your crew decontaminate and transport my equipment even though it isn't in Texas?

a. YES! Lotus has been granted full reciprocity from all NORM regulated states to provide mobile decontamination and transportation of all of your contaminated equipment, regardless of its location!

2. What is the acceptance criterion for your disposal facility?

a. Lotus is permitted to accept a variety of wastes from exploration and production (E&P) activities. As long as your waste is classified as an "exempt waste" by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) under subtitle C, Lotus can accept it.

5. What information is required in order to arrange a shipment to your facility?

a. If you are shipping NORM waste, Lotus requires a lab analysis known as a "gamma spectroscopy" from an accredited lab. If you are sending any other type of waste, contact a Lotus representative for assistance in arranging a shipment.

3. How do I know if my waste is an E & P RCRA exempt waste?

a. Lotus, LLC would be glad to assist you in classifying your waste; however, it is ultimately up to the generator to classify the waste. If you need help understanding the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) classification criteria, contact the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or view the outline at: EPA Oil and Gas

6. Is it better to decontaminate my equipment at my facility or transport it to the Lotus facility for decontamination?

a. It depends on the scope of the job. If you are looking to decontaminate an entire facility, it is much better to mobilize Lotus owned equipment to your facility. However, if you have a small piece of equipment or group of equipment small enough to fit into a (25) cubic yard roll off container; it may be more cost effective to transport it to the Andrews facility for decontamination and disposal. Either way, contact a Lotus representative to accurately assess the issue and create the most cost effective solution for your needs.